Horizon Series | Backlit

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Horizon Backlit Design. 

Backlit lighting design emits a Cozy & Glowing Lighting effect. Choose either Round or Square Edges. 

Backlit designed mirror emanates light from behind the mirror, creating an ambient lighting effect which makes the room cozy & comfortable. 

Brightness can be adjusted by the Dual Button Touch Sensor.

Default Sizes (cm)

  • 70 x 90
  • 70 x 100
  • 80 x 100
  • Custom Made (price will depend on size required)

Standard Functions

  • Dual Button Touch Sensor - Tri-Tone Lighting (Daylight, Warm, White)
  • Demister - Anti Fogging 

Add-On Functions (optional)

  • Temperature Display
  • Magnifier
  • Bluetooth Audio


  • Your XIRI Home Product is warranted against defects in materials and functionalities for a period of SIX MONTHS from the date of original retail purchase.